“My previous role of managing building projects has given me immeasurable understanding of working in people’s homes. I appreciate the anxieties and concerns this brings, but also the excitement and pleasure that comes with realising one’s ambitions and seeing them come to fruition." 

Mark Fox, Practice Principal

Mark has 40 years of previous experience in construction.  He has held many positions in the industry, and consequently has a large catalogue of previous projects to his name. These include schemes of large scale social housing, office and retail. 

Mark has spent the last 20 years designing domestic refurbishments, extensions and new build housing schemes. Mark recently went on to qualify in architecture in order to further his research into design, sustainability, building lifespans, renewable energy and embodied carbon. 

Mark Fox Architecture was established in 2020 to develop further on Mark’s work in collaboration, design and construction.



MFA is a London and Surrey based practice with a broad spectrum of experience in both contemporary and traditional design.

We take pride in being true collaborators when working with families to improve their homes. We take time to understand your desires and visions and to seek out your property's full potential, all the while endeavouring for an exciting and unique result.

Energy efficiency in housing and improving our existing housing stock is very important to the practice as this is where 50% of our work is concentrated.
As such the team is continually researching new methods to retrofit energy saving and renewable energy sources. This is with the vision of passing on such knowledge to likeminded clients.


“The architect’s job is to give a client not what he wants but what he never dreamed that he wanted; and when he gets it, he recognises it as something he wanted all the time.”


Sir Dennis Lasdun, the architect for the National Theatre  



“All architecture is shelter. All great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space”.


Philip Johnson

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