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Kingston upon Thames


The brief

To turn a Victorian property into an energy efficient family home with flexibility of inhabitation and connectivity to the garden. 

The project

Alan and Elaine downsized to enable them to be nearer their grandchildren. Our objective was to tease their personalities out and to give that as equal priority as other criteria. 

Both Alan and Elaine were on board with some quite expensive modifications, including repositioning the main entrance, demolishing the majority of the internal walls and floors and the removal of the 1980’s two storey rear extension. 

These major interventions enabled the creation of an 8m high entrance with new stairs and upper gallery, a master bedroom and guest rooms for grandchildren that were interchangeable with a home office/studio. 

The proposal concluded with the all important main living space and garden connection. 

The homeowner's words

Our plan for the house was to try and achieve an upgrade, giving the property a low energy footprint. We planned to remove the old extension replacing it with a double height SIP structure (structural insulated panel), insulate the old house's internal walls and floors, install a MVHR system, water softener, solar collection system, all new windows and doors and renew all plumbing and electrical power and lighting.

After many meetings with various architects who never seemed to grasp our brief we engaged Mark because he understood us from the beginning.

What Elaine and I liked about Mark was his way of doing business. He’s very professional, easy to talk too and is full of ideas. we were also impressed with his building knowledge and technical ability, but most importantly his commitment and enthusiasm to this project. 

I had spent time researching equipment and materials for the upgrade and Mark quickly adopted this information and incorporated many aspects into his design, he fully bought into what we were trying to achieve. Although we had only anticipated using Mark for the design and planning works, subsequently due to extreme difficulties with our chosen builder we employed him to act as our representative throughout aspects of the build process. His input and liaison were invaluable.

To sum up, our association with Mark was a successful and enjoyable experience, the spaces he provided are great and a joy to live in.