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South London


The brief

To create somewhere to entertain.

The project

Although the initial request was for an extension and improvements to the kitchen, after listening to David and Stephen it soon became apparent they wanted to create somewhere to entertain. 

We decided that lowering the floor in the new living space not only provided some full height drama internally, but it also enabled the garden to be accessed with just one easy step. The projecting oriel bay with full height doors appears to float into the garden and provides an even greater connection with the planting..

The homeowner's words

I think my biggest concern over doing such a large project was wishing I’d done something different when it was too late on in the process. Mark took time to understand the brief, which initially consisted of not doing the usual ‘lean to’ kitchen extension. I wanted something that worked with the rest of the house and which also had the ‘wow factor’. The latter was achieved largely, I believe, by introducing height into the space of the design, entering via the beautiful curved steps onto the lowered floor, which in turn leads into the garden. 

A real treat was the scale model that Mark built which really helped us plan how to use the space and mock up the size of fixtures and fittings, such as the dining table and the kitchen island. This was incredibly helpful and brought the project to life at an early stage in a proper 3D format.

I was comfortable with Mark working on the ‘art of the possible’ throughout the process leading up to the final design. We considered multiple options for the ceiling windows, creating different areas with the space for cooking, dining and relaxing. Mark came up with the idea of the stylish floating bay doors which add an individual stamp on the space from inside and out. 

All in all I am very pleased with the result and only wish I’d had the foresight to do it years ago.